Islam Pro shall soon be launched – In Shaa Allah!

Assalamualaikum, Islam Pro, an All-in-One app for the Muslim community will be launched very soon, In Shaa Allah. We are almost done with the iOS app, it’s in the final stages of testing. Where as for the Android version, there are still remaining work for the one or two sections and then we hope to bring it forward to the testing grounds..


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  • Assalamualaikum.. I am user of islampro in my iOS. May Allah reward Imran Qureshi and the supporting team with Jannah for such a great effort. This is the extreme islamic bundle which i observed till now. I have some suggestion for improving the app. i) Try notify about “wuzu” to user before opening Quran ii)While Azan is happening during Quran recitation, the verses are dissapearing without bookmark. if it is possible bring the same page back. InshaAllah it will be best. Your team have done the work in a precise way. MashaAllah

    Ziyad Reply
    • W/Salam Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barkatahu. Dear brother i would suggest you to submit a ticket on and In Shaa Allah we would be able to better reply to you’re query and discuss the things which you have mentioned in the comment. Jazak Allah for the appreciation and may Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala bless you, you’re family and the entire ummah with Jannatual firdous, ameen!

      Imran Qureshi Reply
  • Awaiting the app.

    azard Reply

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